Dear Friends,

We know that life is precious and when you lose someone you dearly love, you wish to honor that person, the life he or she lived, as well as the love you shared. That’s why we are here to listen to your concerns, share your experience and help you determine the perfect way to honor and celebrate your loved one’s life

On the back of every memorial folder that we provide, we place a writing that is entitled, "Funerals are for the Living” which states "The funeral service is for the living because it enables family and friends to gather and express their feelings. It’s a time to pay tribute, reflect on memories, gain strength from others and begin to accept one of life’s many changes. A funeral service lets you and those close to you say goodbye and begin the healing process.” We are completely dedicated to that philosophy because we know how extremely important the memorialization of a loved one is both from our many years experience helping families create fitting and memorable funeral events as well as from our own personal experiences of losing family members and friends.

Whether you choose burial or cremation, we look forward to helping you make the best decisions to fulfill the needs of all concerned. We have unlimited burial and cremation options and our unwavering attention to all the details is what we work tirelessly to provide. You can have complete confidence in our abilities in every aspect of the funeral process and we will work together with you to create the most meaningful ceremony that will reflect the individuality of your loved one. Our funeral home offers a warm, homey setting in which to gather or we are more than pleased to accommodate you in any other setting you choose.

We have always believed that folks don’t always remember what we did or what we said but they surely remember how we made them feel. That is why we always want you to feel that choosing us was the right thing to do.

Sincerely, Pat & Dorothy